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Opportunities at Congregation Or Chadash

Bikkur Cholim: Congregation member volunteers will be trained to visit those who are ill or infirm or at the time of a death of a loved one, to provide help or companionship as needed.  Can be occasional or regular visitor.

Development Committee: Plans projects and events to help Or Chadash raise funds, such as the recent Pride Flag project.  Meets irregularly.  Can also do time-limited projects.

Education Committee: Plans classes and other educational activities for the congregation.  Meets 4-5 times/year.

Membership: Works with the Director of Membership to recruit new members, maintain contact with current members, plan new member events and develop activities to retain current members.  Meets irregularly.

Ritual Committee: Oversees Friday night services; coordinates training for service leaders; plans services for High Holidays and other holiday celebrations throughout the year. Meets every other month.

Social Action Committee: Coordinates Or Chadash participation in social action activities, such as the Aids Walk; organizes the collection of Tzedakah boxes; keeps members informed of other social action issues and events in the community.

Hospitality: Organize hospitality for a Friday evening oneg or pot luck dinner. You need to arrive half hour before servicesstart services to help set up, and stay until all has been cleaned up and put away (usually by 10:00 pm). Instructions provided.

Choir: Or Chadash’s Choir first performed at High Holy Days in 2005. This was a great success and choir director Judith Golden has continued to meet and find additional opportunities to sing.  Members should be committed to attending scheduled rehearsals.

Gala:  The Gala is Or Chadash’s main fundraising event of the year.  Volunteers are needed for the silent auction; publicity; set-up; etc.  The Gala is usually held at the end of February or early March.  This is a time-limited activity, December-March.

Social Events: When Or Chadash plans a social event, such as attending a play or movie, going bowling, etc. a volunteer is needed to serve as the  ‘point person’ for the event (deciding where to meet, publicizing the event, answering questions, etc.).  Suggestions for social activities also welcomed.

Service Leader: Following a training workshop, volunteers will be called on to lead or co-lead Friday evening or Saturday morning services throughout the year.

Torah Reader: I know how to read Hebrew and am willing to be called on to read from the Torah.

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